Color Concealing 101

Hi my sweet readers!

Today we are talking about color concealing. I literally had to scroll down all my blog posts to see if I’ve talked about this because I seriously remember already talking about this but I guess I haven’t.

Color concealing is one of my favorite makeup tricks. It’s basically using specific color concealers for different purposes. Have redness in your face (near your nostrils, pimples, red dots on your face) then use a green and/or yellow concealer. Have blues, greens in your under eye area? Use peach concealers to hide that! Check out  my video below where I go further into detail about color concealers. Subscribe to my channel here if you haven’t already! Leave me a comment if you have any questions as I know this can be kind of confusing. Thanks for watching! xo

Product Review: Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam

Hi readers! As anticipated, this year is flying by already. I have an exciting yet disappointing review and wanted to share with you all.

If you’re obsessed with pop culture like me, then you must have already heard of Jen Atkin- celebrity hairstylist to a ton of different celebrities like the Kardashians, Chrissy Teigen, Jenna Dewan, Jessica Alba etc. Jen released a line of hair care products, Ouai, and it has been given overall rave reviews so when Ouai released Dry Shampoo Foam  I was immediately intrigued.

If you’re a Beauty and Jess regular than you know how much I love trying out different dry shampoos. Because I don’t wash my hair often, Dry Shampoo is a MUST in my weekly routine. I thought the idea of a Dry  Shampoo Foam was interesting, but because Ouai has gotten such great reviews, I thought I’d try it out.

The way they suggest you use this foam is to apply the foam onto your roots and rub it in until it is completely dry. I also saw on Jen’s Instagram that she applies the foam onto the roots and then blow-drys the roots. I have curly hair so I feared that a foam would just make my hair curly so I went with the blow-dry method to assure my roots would stay dry.

Here’s what I like- the smell and the volume. This might be a make or break for some but for me, I absolutely loved the smell this foam gives off. It smells fresh and made me feel like I’d just walked out of a salon. The other thing I liked about this dry shampoo was the volume it gives you. You can use this foam to tease/style your hair  and it gives some serious volume.

Here’s what I didn’t like- it’s not really a dry shampoo. In my eyes, a dry shampoo is something that will soak up the oils in your dirty hair and give off a fresh look. As I mentioned, I don’t wash my hair often so I NEED my dry shampoo to soak up my greasy hair and give me a refreshed look. Unfortunately, this foam does not do that.

I would say that this foam is definitely a volumizer and should not be called a dry shampoo. If you’re someone with flat hair and are looking for something that gives you some nice volume, I’d highly recommend this. BUT if you are like me and are looking for something to make your hair look like it’s been washed then this is not for you.

I hope you found this review helpful! My next review will be on the Milk Primer, pictured below! Xoo


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Product Review: Modern Renaissance Palette

Happy Friday my sweet readers!

Today I am so excited to be reviewing the infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. This baby, let me tell you, is WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Okay, let’s jump right in.

Usually I jump every time there’s a new palette out regardless of the brand, but for some reason, I just wasn’t that excited about this palette. I thought it was beautiful, of course, but I didn’t feel the need  to run out and get my hands on it. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I got this palette as a Christmas gift. My excitement told me that clearly, this palette had a lot to offer.

After the craziness that comes with the holidays, I was finally able to sit down and play with this beauty and can I say that is has already climbed to my top 3 favorite palettes of all time?! The shades are perfection. I would call this a “romantic” palette, because the shades are so soft that they can be worn every day but there’s also shades that are able to give you that  elegant night time look as well. My favorite thing about this palette is that a little goes a long way. The pigmentation is great so you won’t have to use much. This palette sells at the retail price of $42.

I started a fun series on my Youtube channel  where I’ll be taking palettes and creating multiple looks with them. I started this series with this palette and I can’t wait to create some more looks for you guys. Leave a comment if you have any ideas for another palette you’d want to see featured and check out my makeup tutorial for this palette below! xo

Happy New Year

Ahh, it’s officially a new year! I know I’ve been completely MIA from my blog for the last month. As you can all probably agree, December is a hectic month filled with family, friends, holiday parties, etc. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a fun NYE.

Since my last post, I’ve uploaded more makeup tutorials on my channel and have bought and received A TON of makeup! I’m so excited to try out all my new makeup and share what I’m loving with you all. Here are some makeup pics that I posted in the month of December. Don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel to stay up to date with all my tutorials and follow me on Instagram where I post on a daily!  Wishing us all a fabulous 2017!

November Favorites

Hi readers!

I  have been M.I.A. this last week- so sorry! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving spent with friends and family. I had an amazing 5 days off, it was exactly what I needed. I ate, drank, and lounged around- oh and how could I forget?! CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! I got so excited about my decorations that I actually put them up the night before Thanksgiving (whoops).

I filmed my first “Favorites” video for my YouTube channel. I was excited to film a favorites because I like to see what people are loving. Check out my video to see what products I’ve been obsessed with this month. Subscribe to my channel here if you haven’t already. Xoxo!

Holiday gift ideas

Christmas is officially next month! How did that happen? Where did this year go? I’m ecstatic yet shocked at how quickly time is flying. I thought it would be fun to get together a list of makeup products that I believe would be fabulous gifts for any of your makeup lover family and friends. Let’s start this thing off!

-Tartiest in Bloom Palette. If  you guys watch my Youtube channel you know how much I love this palette! There’s a mix of matte shades as well as some shimmery shades. The colors are for everyday and there are a plenty of colors to help you create a night time look. I bring this baby with me every time I travel because it’s so convenient. It’s $45 so it’s not going to break your bank but it’s just enough and a gift that will last a couple of years.


-Next up, this Tatcha Best Sellers Set. I actually already got this for myself (Merry Christmas to me!) because I went to Sephora to buy the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist and then saw this bundle. This bundle includes some of Tatcha’s best selling products (hence, the name) and I can totally see why! This set includes a cleansing oil, rice enzyme powder, rich silk cream, and the oh so famous luminous dewy skin mist. This set goes for $59 and it would normally be over $75!  The sizes are of course smaller as it is a set but they are the perfect size products to travel with! I have tried all these products and they are wonderful. The products are rich and creamy and my favorite is the dewy skin mist! This is again, a gift that isn’t too expensive yet a wonderful deal for the brand and products.s1862473-main-lhero

-For the highlight lovers in your life, a highlight palette is a must! This Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow kit Ultimate Glow has been raved about since it made it’s debut. ABH now has many different highlight palettes but I believe the Glow kit is for more of a daily use versus the moonlight kit which has the pink and purple highlighters. This is incredibly affordable as this comes with 6 highlighters for the price of $45! One highlighter can often times cost you at least $30! The shades are stunning and this palette will last you YEARS!


-Are you participating in a Secret Santa where the budget is $25? A fabulous mascara or liquid lipstick is the perfect gift! My favorite mascara this year is Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara so I have to be bias and say that this is the mascara to buy! Another small gift around that price point is any Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid lipstick! Some of my favorites are Pure Hollywood, Ashton, and Dusty Rose. These lipsticks are $20 and the mascara is $24.


I can go on and on about what to buy friends and family for the holidays but I will leave it at this- makeup is always a good idea :). Hope you enjoyed this holiday gift ideas post, leave me a comment down below listing some of the things you are getting family and friends this holiday season! xo

Get to know me better

First things first, HAPPY ELECTION DAY! Make sure you use your voice today and VOTE! (For all my American readers :D)

Secondly, if you haven’t seen my previous posts, I’m back on Youtube! It’s been so much fun making videos and playing with makeup more often than I was before. I realized as I was looking through all my recent uploads that I had YET to even introduce myself to all my viewers. I googled the “Get to Know Me” tag, turned on my camera, and filmed a fun video where I answer 30 personal questions in hopes of all my viewers getting to know me a little better. Check it out here and if you haven’t already, please subscribe!