How I pack my makeup while traveling

Hi everyone!

This will be a short and sweet blog on how I pack my makeup while traveling. My biggest tip, which may be obvious to some, is to pack your makeup in separate bags!! I’ve found it much easier to pack all my lip products (lip balm, lip liners, lipsticks, glosses) in one small bag, then all my face products in a larger bag, all my brushes in another bag, etc. It might seem excessive  but for those that do pack a lot of makeup, it makes it so much easier to find things when everything is separated out into different bags. I remember going to Vegas and my friend saw how I packed my makeup and she thought it was genius so I thought I would share. Leave a comment if you guys have any trips on how you pack! Xo

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Author: beautyandjess

I'm just your average twenty-something year old young woman who is obsessed with beauty and style. In my blog you'll find my love for makeup and style and a little bit of myself as well. I hope you enjoy! xo

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