Hi, Youtube! I’m back…

My readers!

I’m so sorry I have abandoned you all for the last few weeks. It has been an incredibly busy last few weeks and the reason for that is…I am back on Youtube! I have always wanted to be on Youtube doing makeup and I actually tried it out 2 years ago. I really loved it but because it was a transition period in my life (fresh out of college and adjusting to a full time job) I decided to put it on the back burner.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the Fashion Styling App Covet Fashion. If you haven’t checked this app out yet, go do it now! It’s a fun styling app where you can dress up your character with new outfits, shoes, accessories, hair looks and makeup looks! There are styling challenges and prizes, it’s so much fun! I have partnered with them to help recreate some of their Β most popular makeup looks. This really is a push to get me back to Youtube and I couldn’t be more excited. A new video will be up every week with recreated looks. Check out my first video here and make sure to subscribe! Thanks for your support xoxo


Author: beautyandjess

I'm just your average twenty-something year old young woman who is obsessed with beauty and style. In my blog you'll find my love for makeup and style and a little bit of myself as well. I hope you enjoy! xo

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