Get to know me better

First things first, HAPPY ELECTION DAY! Make sure you use your voice today and VOTE! (For all my American readers :D)

Secondly, if you haven’t seen my previous posts, I’m back on Youtube! It’s been so much fun making videos and playing with makeup more often than I was before. I realized as I was looking through all my recent uploads that I had YET to even introduce myself to all my viewers. I googled the “Get to Know Me” tag, turned on my camera, and filmed a fun video where I answer 30 personal questions in hopes of all my viewers getting to know me a little better. Check it out here and if you haven’t already, please subscribe!


Author: beautyandjess

I'm just your average twenty-something year old young woman who is obsessed with beauty and style. In my blog you'll find my love for makeup and style and a little bit of myself as well. I hope you enjoy! xo

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